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To hear that a local band believes that "giving back to the community is extremely gratifying," it was a "no-brainer" that they needed to perform at The Chilly Open.

A group of accountants, working at The Limited, Inc. headquarters in the mid-90's, would get together during their breaks and talk about the instruments that they played. After several conversations, one of the guys suggested getting together for a jam session. They had so much playing together as a group they decided, in order to be recognized as a real band, they needed to come up with a name. Since they are all CPA's, the name "The Debits" was thrown around and stuck with them ever since.

Although The Debits have around half a dozen of their own songs, they typically enjoy playing cover songs so the crowd can sing and dance along. They enjoy entertaining the crowd and making sure everyone is having a great time. Click here to view a list of their favorite songs to perform.